I didn’t break it, I swear.

There’s a nifty little program that I use at work (and I home) called ACDSee.

One of the features that comes in handy is the “print contact sheet”option which I use during the selection process for image galleries. When you get 200 some-odd screencaps and you need to pick 10-20 “good” ones, being able to print out proofs can be a life saver.

Anyway, I started a print job at 16:11 of 120 images (but these are much higher rez than normal) I got it about 15 min ago (17:22) I’m still waiting for the second batch I stared at 16:25, and there’s someone in the print queue after me who just wants to print out a 300k word document.

I didn’t break the printer, I swear. You’ll get your word document – but it may not be tonight.