It’s gotta be the pc card

I went for a bike ride this afternoon, and then went to my mom’s house to help her and my stepdad get thier new home network set up.

The OS X laptop is connected to the router via ethernet, the WinXP laptop is connected to the router via the new wireless card. The win98 desktop is not set up yet. (This blog enty is basically a test of the wireless connection.)

This is with the same basic euipment that chutta and I were using when we tried set up a wireless network at his place, only the wireless card plugged into a pci slot. We never did get it to work properly, however this afternoon has given me some hope.

Now I just need to see if the 98 machine has an ethernet card or not, and I need to get a length of Cat5 to connect it to the router too. (I’m not going to reccomend a wireless pci lan card untill I find one that actually works.)

I should probably set a WEP pasword on the router before I leave, too.

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