Slightly more than an "I’m Still Here" post

But yes, I’m still here.

It seems I’ve been pre-approved for a car loan. The terms are crap, and I’m not in the market for a new car, but there was a useful bit of information in the mailer. Quoting it here, since it seems as good a plance as anywhere else, and better than some.

Information contained in your file at a credit reporting agency was used in connection with this offer for credit. You received this offer because you satisfied the criteria for credit worthiness under which you were selected. You may not receive this off if, after you respond to this offer, you do not meet the criteria used to select you or any applicable criteria bearing on your credit worthiness or you do not furnish any required collateral. You have the right to prohibit information contained in your file at a credit reporting agency from being used in connection with any consumer credit transaction that you do not initiate. You may do so by writing or calling:

  1. Experian Information Solutions Inc.
  2. P.O. Box 919
    Allen, TX 75013

  3. Equifax
  4. P.O. Box 470256
    Atlanta, GA 30374

  5. Trans Union, LLC
  6. P.O. Box 97328
    Jackson, MS 39288

  7. Direct Marketing Association
  8. Attn: Mail Preference Service
    P.O. Box 9008, Farmingdale, NY 11735


(bold highlighting added)

Yes, I noticed that the phone numbers are all the same, I haven’t called it yet to see where it really goes, and I suppose I should doupble check those addresses too. I’ll get around to updating this at some point. But if you are interested ion cutting back on at least some of your junk mail in the US, those would be a good place to start.

The first three are also a good place to obtain your credit report. Always a good idea to check that every couple of years at the very least. (Every 6mo. is what I’ve heard reccomended. I check mine once a year or so)

So there you have it; A slightly more than an “I’m Still Here” post.

Right then, what category do I stick this in? Blogging I guess…

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4 thoughts on “Slightly more than an "I’m Still Here" post”

  1. It’s alive! IT’S ALIVE!!

    Not that I actually post that much. So maybe I should instead of spouting off wise-ass remarks.


  2. That’s what I’m hearing. ‘Spose we should get some details together. Although I figure the date shouldn’t be that hard.

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