more promise breaking linky-linky

a quick link to what looks like a very good color picker, which includes settings so you can see how some colorschemes would look to people with various types of color-blindness.

I need to find a the links I had to a couple of other resources like this and post them too.

Here’s the article i found that links to the above color [Link]

robably more to come

Why didn’t anyone tell me that Mozilla FireBird 0.7 was out?

Here I am innocently attempting (I think successfully) to convince a coworker that he should switch to Mozilla FireBird when I discover that it was recently revved.

must be sure to download the new version, after checking the release notes, when I get home. Or I could just order a CD…

(BTW – this entry represents the breaking of a promise I made to myself last week. Look for an entry related to the AK trip last month to appear “below” this one in a couple of days. It’s currently marked private because I havne’t had a chance to clean it up. Something I promised myself I would do before posting another entry.)

I got someone booted from SWG tonight…

for being an idiot more than anything else.

There’s a Player in the game that has found an interesting way to harrass Entertainer characters, specifically high-level musicians.

This Player shows his Friend “something funny” specifically: how to take a certain type of instrument away from a musician, forcing them to stop playing music, and then needing to re-deploy the item from thier inventory.

So the Player and his Buddy go around the cantina stealing instruments and eventually get reported by several other players. Using /report sends the last 100 lines of chat to the GMs for review. I reported both the Player and the Friend. the Friend comes back later and appearantly start’s cussing me out (I don’t know, I had him on my /ignore list) but I notice him standing behind me, so I take him off my list so I can hear what he’s saying.

Almost immediately I get the /tell “fuck you bitch” (ah, the joys of playing a female character…) from the Friend, who goes on to explain that he just got his acct suspended. And that he just got the game today, and he hopes I’m happy, and, and…

I can’t say I feel sorry for the guy, especially after that lovely /tell (which got reported too – heh) – but I’m hoping the Player that showed him that little trick, and abused it much more, gets the boot as well. (The Friend implied that the Player didn’t.) The Friend only moved my instrument once, the Player was the one that was really bad about it. But the Friend was also the one that admitted to it in chat, which probably why he got suspended.

Still around

most of my online time is spent playing SWG as of late…

I still have some posts that I want to write regarding the recent AK trip. I STILL haven’t gotten around to it. I suck.

Hmmm – just so this isn’t a total waste, here’s something kinda funny:

I was cleaning out my spam box a few minutes ago – just skimming through making sure I didn’t get any false positives with my filters when I saw this name in the from field: Dixie Normous. Determining the most likely content of the message is left as an exercise for the reader. (If you don’t get why I thought the name was funny, read it out loud – not too loud if you’re at work, or in sme other public place. For additional fun, try saying the word “My” before reading the name.)


Hi ho, Hi ho, back to the lab I go…

would rather be entertaining the folks in Anchorhead, or looking for a new holocron.

Man Pleads No Contest in Cabbie Killing

[Spoilers] By DAN RICE, Staff Writer
The Fairbanks man accused of killing a taxicab driver pleaded no contest to a charge of second-degree murder Wednesday.

Jonathan Biederbeck, 21, faces as much as 50 years in prison for the death that occurred during a July 14 robbery attempt.

He entered the plea in exchange for state prosecutors dismissing a host of other felony and misdemeanor charges he faced in connection with the stabbing death of 53-year-old Michael Belknap.

The plea agreement binds Judge Mark Wood to assign a base sentence of 50 years. However, Wood can choose to assign a shorter prison term by designating some of the sentence as suspended time. Biederbeck is scheduled to be sentenced Feb. 19.

He will be eligible for parole after serving one-third of his sentence. That means if Wood sentences Biederbeck to the maximum of 50 years in jail, he will be eligible for parole in 16 1/2 years, or when he is 38.

Appearing in orange jail garb with his public defender, Biederbeck said very little during Wednesday’s hearing, other than offering prompt replies to questions from Wood.

His no contest plea means the case will not go to trial as scheduled this month.

Biederbeck was charged with stabbing Belknap to death with a kitchen knife while the men struggled. Biederbeck, who was also charged with breaking into the Northland Aviation Building and stealing Cutco kitchen knives from a warehouse one week before the murder, called Yellow Cab for a ride early in the morning and was picked up by Belknap, according to a charging document.

Biederbeck admitted stabbing Belknap in the throat and chest during a struggle off Henderson Road that followed Biederbeck’s robbery attempt, the document stated.

One of the Cutco kitchen knives Biederbeck was accused of stealing was the suspected murder weapon.

Fairbanks Police Department officers first contacted Biederbeck when he called dispatch to report that he had been robbed and stabbed behind the Northgate Mall.

While investigating Biederbeck’s claim, which turned out to be false, police learned that Yellow Cab reported a missing driver, police said. Law enforcement later put the two reports together and arrested Biederbeck after discovering Belknap’s body on the side of the road near the intersection of Bluebird Avenue and Dome Road.

Alaska State Troopers reported that Biederbeck drove to that location and ditched the cab and Belknap’s body.

Prosecutors brought charges against Biederbeck in three different cases.

One case filed in connection with the day of the murder charged Biederbeck with one count each of second-degree murder, first-degree robbery and first-degree vehicle theft as well as two counts each of tampering with physical evidence.

A separate case was filed in connection with the July 7 break-in and charged Biederbeck with two counts of second-degree burglary as well as one count each of second-degree theft and third-degree criminal mischief.

The last case accused Biederbeck of a misdemeanor crime of making a false report in connection with the erroneous story he told police.

Prosecutors agreed to dismiss all the charges but the second-degree murder count. Had he been convicted of the charge during a trial, Biederbeck could have faced a sentence of as much as 99 years in prison. [/Spoilers]

Just like my previous posts back in July, I’ve add the text of the article to the spoilers tag above. You can read that, or the original article. I also found an AP Newswire story here.

I’ve been meaning to post a few things about the trip to AK, but I haven’t yet. I’ll probably get to it sometime this weekend. I’ve got some photos to put online as well.

Weird Mood

I’m in Fairbanks, Alaska. I just found the computer “lab” (one machine, printer, and phone line) with free access for hotel guests. Yes, as usual, g-blog was the first site I came to.

We didn’t make it out to the oyster farm on this trip becuase of the wheather, so we spent two of the days we were to be out there in Anchorage instead, and then headed up to Fairbanks a day early. I’m still hoping my the aunt who lives on the farm can make it to Fairbanks this week, I’d like Jenny to meet her.

We spent yesterday at our other Aunt’s house going through dad’s personal effects. We made pretty good progress, but we still have several boxes of books and cookware to go through.

One of the things we came across was a suitcase filled woth pictures he had taken, or people had given to him. A lot of the photos are of people that we don’t know, friends he made after our parents got divoreced, both in CA and later in AK. Boogie (that would be my sister) seems to be bothered by the fact taht se doesn’t know any of the people in the photos, or maybe she’s just worried tatht a lot of them are going to be at the memorial on Saturday.

I’ve identified one of the locations (a bar in S.L. where a lot of the photos were taken. I’m thinking obout bringing them back with me to see if any of the people in them are still around, and if they would like to have the photos. I’m also thinking about bringing a lot of the AK pictures to the memorial to see if anyone there would like any. Boogie and I probably me mostly) are going to go though them and take out any family pictures before that.

In the box was also a lot of documents dealing with my parent’s divorce, strange reading through all that (as well as what look like notes from counselling sessions.)

We’ve spent most of the day at the hotel, and I’m getting kind of antsy to get back over to the house to go through more boxes, but a the same time I’m content to let Boogie drag her feet so we don’t have to go over there just yet.

There’s still a lot to do and I think someone is waiting for the computer, so I better get going.