Happy Birthday to Me

What did I do for my 26th birthday? Woke up, opened presents, went to the doctor, went to work.

Sounds like an almost normal day. I’ll make sure I do something fun this weekend to celebrate.

Update: It got better.

My wife and I had made plans to go to dinner durring my “lunch” break. She picked me up at work and we went to a nearby restaurant. As it turns out, she and chutta had planned a bit of a surprise party. When we got there, I discovered that we already had a table, and that several of my friends (simpsone, frostedlexicarm, pookie, Eli, and a several non g-bloggers -allo if you’re reading.) some of whom I haven’t seen in too long. I only had an hour, before having to get back to work, but it was good seeing everyone.

And on the way out, we ran into a couple of people we know from Rocky. That was cool, too. Sometimes I miss those folks.

Sunday Jenny and I are going to La Fondue with my parents. Yummy.

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8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me”

  1. Happy birthday! Next time please come up with an advance warning so I’m not totally surprised if I forget it.

  2. Yeah. This time I’ll even poke in some holes in the crate so the goat will actually survive the trip. How many webcams do you have by now? 7, 8? 😛

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