It’s a Boy!

Jenny had her 20wk lvl 2 sonogram last Monday. Duckling is healthy, developing normally, and quite plainly male. (That last bit took the technician a while to determine, as duckling was not being overly cooperative.)

We have a 5 minute VHS video capture of part of the sonogram. We’ve subjected my parents too it already, Jenny’s parents are coming down Sunday to see it, and a few friends have expressed an interest in seeing it as well.

I may be digitizing and posting a clip online. Need to find a friend with a decent capture card.

The name game phase 2 has begun. Anyone have suggestions for boys names?

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5 thoughts on “It’s a Boy!”

  1. Cameron – but I’m biassed because that’s what we named our son!

    Congratulations on the scan! It is a great thing to see. My first decent scan Mull was at a business meeting so I went with his mum. Cam was waving his hand and looking up at his hand in great interest. He still does it now. It was so cool. Amazing you get it on video though – we just get a couple of black and white photos….


  2. Carlo. Good strong name. 😉

    Personally, I like nordic names. Like Soren for example.

    And good to hear you both three do so well. You’ll do fine! 🙂 I wish you fun along the way.

  3. I did miss the video, didn’t I? Suppose we didn’t have time what with that atrocious Sci Fi channel movie playing and killing Wil Wheaton.

    Lexi was curious about any further developments regarding names.

  4. You, Lexi, and the munchkin will just need to come over for another visit – we’ll subject you to the video then. No further developments on the name game yet. We’re still brainstorming. Ideas are always welcome.

    And about the movie – it was pretty bad but I felt like I needed to see it through to the end. (I have know idea why.)
    Here’s a quick rundown of what happened…
    The Uncrupulous Guy saw the error of his ways and sacrificed himself to save the other 3 while His Partner got shot by thier Boss for losing the machine. Main Scientist Dude got the Scientist Girl, and they and the Old Crazy Guy started thier own business using the money they made from the samples they collected in a diamond encrusted cavern.

  5. One thing I did when thinking up names for Eli was to think of how obnoxious kids could turn the name into something vicious–are there any obvious names you don’t want/could be easily teasable? For example, for girls’ names I liked Lydia but my sis says it makes her think of chlamydia and ever since then I haven’t been able to get ‘chlamydia’ out of my head. A friend named her son Brayden, but it reminds me of a donkey braying. I do like Robert, but don’t know how you’d feel about that…What’s Jenny’s dad’s name?

    and, i wanna see the ultrasound!

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