Letter from my grandfather

Below is a statement my Grandfather prepared for the Judge in my Father’s murder case. It was read by my Aunt at the sentencing hearing last Friday.


February 3, 2004

To: Judge Wood, Alaska State Criminal Court

Re: State of Alaska v. Beiderbeck

From: Daniel Allen Belknap

I am the father of Michael King Belknap, stabbed to death on July 14 by Jonathan
Beiderbeck. This crime against my son, his family, his friends, and the Fairbanks
community requires a very long sentence in state prison.

My lifetime profession has been in the field of crime and corrections. I have seen a few
men use a very long prison sentence to study, learn, pray and get their own head
straightened out, and learn to live a constructive life.

Young Beiderbeck has two choices. He can degrade himself still further while he is
confined, and become a sour, bitter, unhappy man, and get caught up in the hostility and
violence that exists in many prisons. Or, he can seek wisdom and maturity that will help
him deal with his guilt, and eventually give him some kind of inner peace. This will take
a long time.

If he chooses the second choice, after many years, I and most of my family would not
oppose an eventual release from confinement.

May God Bless Jon Beiderbeck in such a redemption.

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