Guild Forum / Portal Software

I’ve been asked / volunteered to help set up and run a website for the Super Group I’ve joined in City of Heroes. (Chutta is currently running the group, if anyone cares.)

Anyway – I’m willing, and its not like I don’t have any experience with community sites. But it has been a while. Does anyone have any suggesstions for software? I’m imagining something similar to PHP-Nuke, but PHP-Nuke type sites tend to feel kludgy to me, as a user. (The notable exception was PlanetJumpgate.) I’ve got a valid vBulletin licence at my disposal, but somehow that seems over-kill for what we’re planning.

Basically what I’m going for is a basic guild news and information site with messageboards and possibly a group calander for scheduling events.

Any thoughts/sugestions for good (hopefully free) CMS software packages to look at?


Also – if anyone is playing CoH and is looking to join a Super Group, let me know.

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A link to remember

Been trying to track down some info on the backstory for City of Heroes. All I’ve found are references to it in game reviews and such, but I did come across a link I want to check out when I get home.


And a peripherary disadvantage to working nights: The supergroup I’m in is primarily made up of co-workers. They’re hardly ever on when I play becuase of my schedule. Looks like I need to start a night time recruitment drive.