Father’s day stuff

Jenny and I went to Redding for father’s day.

Short list of the things we did:

  • Stayed up for 35 hours
  • Went swimming.
  • Taught my aunt how to manage the files from her digital camera and burn them to cds (that can be played in their new dvd player)
  • Introduced my 8 yr old cousin to Spaced Penguin!
  • Got Duckling to kick for his Aunt (who lives in chicago)
  • Shared stories about my father with aunts, uncles, cousins, mom and stepdad, sister, and grandfather
  • Scattered (most of) my father’s ashes along (and into) the Sacramento River
  • Announced Duckling’s name our family.
  • Watched a CDF tanker helicopter scoop water from the river and dump it on a fire burning very close to my grandfather’s home (which was directly in the fire’s path)
  • Had car trouble and got lost on the way back from the shop. (Before heading out of town)

I think it was a good trip, overall. Happy moments, and sad ones too. I think it’s time for “go to bed”

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