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Mentioned briefly in my previous post, Jenny and I have decided on a name for Duckling:

[Spoilers] Justin Douglas Belknap [/Spoilers]

What, you thought I was going to make it easy on you? Nope – clicky clicky to find out 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Baby Name Stuff”

  1. I like! Very Very Nice.

    Just a word of warning–always have a backup name! I have two friends who were told they were having boys (by ultrasound pics as opposed to amnio or other genetic determinants) and they had girls instead. Also, have a backup of the same gender name Just In Case. My parents named me my backup name (all the while during the pregnancy I’d been Penelope Elizabeth…I like my own name much better).

  2. Justin Case…

    hmmmm. (I’m kidding – really)

    We do have a girl’s name picked out already. We don’t have a backup boy’s name right now, but we are open to the possibility that Duckling may let us know a different name would suit him better.

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