It might be our turn.

Not to steal anyone’s thunder, but it looks like Justin might be saying hello to the world very soon. And on his due-date, no less. (Already taking after his dad, *dopeygrin*)

Jenny passed her mucous plug about 8:30am yesterday. She began having contractions around 1:00am this morning. Jenny called the birthing center, and we started timing them about 3:45 (as they began to get closer together.) It is now about 5:00am, and her contractions are currrently 15-20 minutes apart.

The hospital doesn’t want us to come in untill her contractions have been 5-6 minutes apart for an hour, or her water breaks, or if the baby appears to be distressed. None of those things has happened yet, so there isn’t much for me to do but push the button on the stopwatch when she says “I’m having another one” (which just happened – 11:12 need a few more data points to see if they’re really getting closer together or not.)

I don’t know whether or not I’ll have a chance to update this before we go to the hospital, but I’ll try to keep everyone informed.

I’m going to quit typing now and go give my wife some support and encouragement, (and a backrub.)

really wants to put this in announcements – but knows that’s category is for site/server related news.

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11 thoughts on “It might be our turn.”

  1. Thanks everyone.

    Contractions have continued and are now close enough together to warrant heading to the hospital.

    Gotta go!

  2. Update from Hool, they’re at the hospital still, in labor, and everyone’s doing well so far. Updates as I get them….

  3. UPDATE:

    justin douglas belknap
    Born 3:32 am august 29 2004
    7 lbs 9 oz 20 inches long

    mom and baby good… birthmark on his left side, pictures coming soon as hool makes it home to post.

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