Which is worse?

Not posting regularly, or writing regular “I’m still alive” posts with very little content?

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10 thoughts on “Which is worse?”

  1. both are bothersome, my love! up here in the wilds of P-town, how are we to keep up to date on your goings-on?

    fyi-Old Spag. Factory at JLS is closing…they’re tearing it down to put in condos.

  2. You’re alive!!

    Not posting probably means you’re busy. Look at me, I don’t post that often, mainly I’m busy.

    Nonetheless, I’d love to see some baby photos on a regular basis, tho. You know, the stuff that’s cute right now but really embarassing in a couple of years.

  3. ok – I’ll keep up with the “I’m alive” posts a little better. And I’ll definatley post something when I update pictures. (BTW more pics coming this week, the camera is full. Just need to sort through and resize the “good” ones.)

    WHAT??!!! Closing The Old Spaghetti Factory at Jack London? for CONDOS?

    Bleh, need to go back before it closes, or is it too late?

  4. no kidding. we were most displeased to find out about it last weekend.

    btw, are you around at all this weekend? we’re in SL from Friday Evening til Sunday Evening…

  5. I’m around but working Friday and Saturday nights. We should be free on Sunday tho. Give Jenny a call, I beleive bforsse is in town for some of this weekend too and is planning to stop by to see Justin Satuday afternnon.

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