I must be losing my touch

It’s been a very long time (too long) since I last built a computer from scratch, and even then I did not have to research or purchase the components. My boss just said: “here are the parts for your workstation. Put it together.”

So I want to build a new machine and I’m not even sure where to start looking. Does anyone have any suggestions for finding good prices on components for a decent gaming system? At the minimum I’ll be needing a new motherboard, processor, RAM, and case (along with the requisite cables/connectors/cooling/power….) I can cannibalize my current system for other needed pieces (video, cdrom, hd, etc) for the time being, seeing as how I’m on a tight budget. (I’ve got about $300 to get me started.)

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  1. Newegg, newegg, newegg. You may find parts cheaper at different places, but not all of them at the same place like newegg.com. If nothing else the shipping would kill you. We’ve already spoken briefly and I’ll fill you in further later.

  2. to get a gauge on prices you can check out pricewatch.com. I have found that you can’t beat a mobo/processor combo sale at Frys, if you are willing to settle for what they’re selling, and if it doesn’t work you can always return it without those nasty return shipping charges.

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