Haven’t felt much like posting recently. Here are some tidbits:

I still have a backlog of images to get online.
Justn had his first major cold last week. He’s 97% over now.
We’ve started giving him “solid” food. Rice cereal was first. Last week, it was peas. This week, it’s carrots.
Justin isn’t a fan of peas, (that could have been because of the cold,) but he does like carrots.
He’s also so close to crawling it isn’t even funny. He’s got the strength to hold him self up and the basic idea about the movments needed to propel himself forward, he just needs to finish putting it all toghether. (I wouldn’t be suprised if daycare says he’s done it when I go pick him up today.)
We’ve found new daycare. I don’t think I posted much about why we pulled him out of the old one, and I’m not sure I’m going to, either.
We’re going to Gaskell’s this weekend. (Justin will be spending the evening with his grandparents.)
We’re going to be in a wedding next month. I’m going to wear purple converse sneakers with my tux. 🙂
Work’s been much the same. New projects, same headaches.

That’s enough for now.


I decided to log into gmail and see if I could reproduce this problem. (Sorry Fox, working fine for me…)

I just noticed that I have 50 invites to give away – (well actually 200, since I have 4 gmail addresses)

I get the reasoning behind the invites, (a way to ramp up the user-base for testing in a slow, meterable way to avoid flooding the system while still in development – oh yeah and a great way to generate word-of-mouth marketing/hype…) but what am I going to do with 200 invites? At this point, all my friends and family that want a gmail account has one.When is Gmail going to exit beta, or even just open up registration to anyone that wants an account?

I’m just wondering…