I decided to log into gmail and see if I could reproduce this problem. (Sorry Fox, working fine for me…)

I just noticed that I have 50 invites to give away – (well actually 200, since I have 4 gmail addresses)

I get the reasoning behind the invites, (a way to ramp up the user-base for testing in a slow, meterable way to avoid flooding the system while still in development – oh yeah and a great way to generate word-of-mouth marketing/hype…) but what am I going to do with 200 invites? At this point, all my friends and family that want a gmail account has one.When is Gmail going to exit beta, or even just open up registration to anyone that wants an account?

I’m just wondering…

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4 thoughts on “Egad!”

  1. As I understand it, they heavily increased the amount of invites to decrease the amount of ebaying invites.


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