I suck

I haven’t posted any new pictures since mid-December. I should fix that one of these days. I’ve got a bunch of good holiday shots as well as some other random stuff floating around on my HD, backup CDs (from the computer migration), and camera.

I also haven’t written much about Justin and how he’s doing. (And how his parents are doing…) I feel like I really should be doing more of that.

how’s that for an entry (almost) completely void of content?

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3 thoughts on “I suck”

  1. i was impressed. i wanna hear how the little fella’s doing, btw…(and can you help me with some stuff at ‘my’ picture site? i have questions and i haven’t been able to reach you by phone)

  2. sure I can try to help put a bit. – you should be able to reach me on my cell phone(s) right now. if you need the numbers I’m currently logged into yahoo IM I’ll

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