Jan 10th 2002, 23:32 GMT

No words can describe some of the bizarre crap my friends and coworkers seem obliged to send to me during the day.

And now I feel obliged to share this little gem with all of you.


Knowing my luck, that song is going to be stuck in my head for a few days.


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3 thoughts on “Jan 10th 2002, 23:32 GMT”

  1. what. is. that!!

    I really should capture the file and because its so crazy 🙂 add it to my collection, hehe. if you want some more laughs, check out [Link] go into the funny s*it folder. some really funny stuff!

  2. Drizzt, I told you, No words can describe it.

    Okay how about several guys dancing around singing a song wearing nothing but microphones, palm-leaf underpants, and big cheesy grins.

    Not that the description makes much more sense than the video.

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