Jan 4th 2002, 00:43 GMT

I just noticed something… Is Gossip on everybody’s friends list? 😛

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3 thoughts on “Jan 4th 2002, 00:43 GMT”

  1. Not sure. He put me on his list first. I was flattered. 🙂 Then I started to come around here more, so I put him on my list, too (he runs the place).

    In my experience, Gossip is pretty darn cool overall. 🙂 Well… as are some other members of this community. In fact, I am surprised just how decent the JG-and-surrounding net community is (with a few notable exceptions, but nuts happen).

  2. Gossip’s above writing a script that inserts his name automatically. Right, Gossip? … Gossip?

    Seriously, I’ve met Gossip face-to-face and spent more than a few hours in his company, and I’d call Lilith’s experience representative. I feel he’s an exemplary human being, and I was honored to get to know him a little bit while he visited my corner of the rock. Pity he lives a third of the way around from me. My wife and I would love to go out for dinner with him and Dana on a regular basis. “Good people” is biased. “My kind of people” is simple truth.

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