Jul 8th 2002, 17:02 GMT

I’ve got a wierd question: What color is your lint?

I live in a small apartment complex, with a single washer/dryer for the 6 units. When I started doing some laundry Sunday, I noticed the color of the lint in the lint trap for the dryer was a dark red. I thought about how that was an odd color for lint, since the lint for my laundry is usually varies between a medium and a light blue.

As I thought about it some more, I began to wonder about the nature of lint. Is the lint from my laundry the color it is because I tend to wear clothing that is blue, white, or black in color? If someone were to where more reds, or greens, or yellows, would the color of thier lint reflect this? That seems reasonable to me, since when I do a load of whites, the lint is lighter in color, but still has a blue hue to it.

So, I figured this would be a good place to get random sample for an impromptu survey: What color is your lint?

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  1. Varies between white (when I use bleach on my linen+cotton sheets) and dark dark blue (with shade variation to the blue, and sometimes it is purplish when my red pants go in there). Or none, when I wash and dry the silks–they don’t give any lint.

  2. Okay – here’s a follow-up question:

    What colors do you tend to wear?

    @2 Yes, I am awre of this, I just wanted to find out how much it varies.

  3. [Quote] What colors do you tend to wear? [Quote]

    Black… some brown and grey… some olive color green… mostly black.

    I’ve noticed, however, that when I dry my child’s clothes (generally made up of many different colors), the lint is always a pinkish/reddish color. So perhaps light or bright colors produce reddish/pinkish lint and darker colors produce the bluish/grayish lint….

    [Quote] @2 Yes, I am awre of this, I just wanted to find out how much it varies. [Quote]

    My apologies if I attempted to answer a question which was not asked.

  4. Tan, green, blue, black, white, grey, jeans, and for those truly drunken stupors, multicolored hawaiian shirts.

  5. Mmh… hard question.

    Bright red, bordeaux, white, tan, grey, blue, bright orange, black, purple and lavender, green, um, other colors…

    My silks have more variety but they don’t give lint.

    I wonder if it is that some colors are just more noticeable in the lint?

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