Aug 12th 2002, 16:10 GMT

Busy Weekend.

Took friday off due to illness – spent most of the day asleep.

Saturday morning was spent running errands – getting hair cut-n-colored for the wedding, picking up dry cleaning, grocery shopping, etc.

Saturday afternoon I drove up to Oakland for a dance lesson. Gaskell’s Ball was Saturday night, and I wanted a refresher on a couple of things. After the class, I went and had dinner, then went back and got ready for teh dance.

Jenny had to work Saturday, so she wasn’t able to attend the lesson, but was there for the ball. We danced, chatted with friends, and had a wonderful time. I resolved to buy some better shoes for the wedding. My feet were killing me by the end of the third set, so we left early.

On the way home we “went on an adventure – just like the Goonies” – I made a wrong turn, and we nded up finding a new way through Oakland tothe freeway.

Sunday we went up to Petaluma to work on more wedding stuff. Compared guest lists with Jenny’s mom, started calling folks who hadn’t replied yet, went to the tux shop to give them the measurements for the ring bearer. Found out who else hadn’t been measured yet. (My father was the only one – he also hadn’t sent his reply card back.) We got mixed up on the time we were supposed to meet with the minister to outline the ceremony. (I’m still trying to figure out how I got 4:00 from 1:30.) We rescheduled for 5:00. I’m glad we were able to still meet with him yesterday. Next weekend wouldn’t have worked.

We made a trip up to Cotati to visit a couple of friends before coming home. Thier 8-month-old son was born with some severe health problems, and they’ve been having a bit of a rough time. Things have improved a bit in the last couple of months, but Eli may still need a liver transplant within the next couple of years.

Eli is at an interesting stage of development. He recognizes faces and expressions, and will smile back at you. I spent some time entertaining him (and myself – and Jenny and Alexis from the other room) while the girls chatted in the kitchen, and Eric was preparing for the baby’s bedtime routine of tests and meds and such.

Eli is such a good, happy baby, (considering some of his heath problems,) and it’s tough hearing about and seeing some of what Eric and Alexis are going through.

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