Aug 12th 2002, 16:14 GMT

Zhaneel and FanBoy:

Were you two able to make it to Gaskell’s Saturday?

One of theses days, we really should work out a method of recognizing each other at the Ball.


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9 thoughts on “Aug 12th 2002, 16:14 GMT”

  1. We ended up staying home ’cause I wasn’t feeling my best.

    Argh…. Halloween? When none of us look normal?


  2. Argh!

    We ended up not going, having decided that at..7PM that evening? (roughly) I for one TOTALLY forgot this was gonna be a chance to meet ya. Sorry. ::sigh::

  3. No worries, I wouldn’t have know what to look for. 🙂

    I did keep an eye out for the dress described here, and I believe I saw the blue-haired individual Zhan mistook for me last time.

    Anyway, it was a blast. Sorry you two missed it. And yes, I guess the next ball is the Masque. Perhaps we should describe our costumes when the date approaches, so we can find each other.

  4. I wasn’t going to wear the dress (wedding) at this one. It is a little too big for real dancing, especially on the crowded Gaskel’s floor.

    On another note, are you going to Friday Night Waltz this Friday in Berkely?


  5. We were thinking about checking it out. However, it’s now getting down to crunch-time wedding wise, so I don’t think we’re going to be able to make it this Friday.

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