So what do you do when…

your current web-host doesn’t return your calls or email?

I’ve been trying all wekend to notifiy my current host for that I’m switching providers. I need to cancel my account, and have them remove entries for from thier DNS servers.

I’ve sent email, I’ve called and left messages. I’ve even filled out their stupid feedback from (which I suspect just sends an email.) I’m not sure what else to do.

This is beginning to piss me off.

forgot to hit preview…

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A bit of color-theory, and an optical illusion:

I got that link via email this morning, along witht he following message:

It really messes with your head, but Square A and Square B are on the exact same shade of gray. You can take it in to Photoshop like I did if you don’t believe it.

So I did, and they are. I love stuff like this. There’s also a link to a page explaining what your eye is doing to create the effect.

Update: There’s also some other neat links on this page (including that checkered shadow illusion)

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The joy’s of spam assassin

So I’ve got email coming into my new DreamHost accounts. Ithink some is still being routed to my old host, but I’m going to be working that out in the morning (10 or so hours from now).

I’ve already begon recieving spam – and I’m very glad that I installed spam assassin as Gossip suggested. If for no other reason than this:

SPAM: Hit! (0.8 points) BODY: Uses words and phrases which indicate porn (11)
SPAM: Hit! (2.1 points) BODY: Talks about opting in
SPAM: Hit! (1.8 points) BODY: Gives an excuse for why message was sent
SPAM: Hit! (1.5 points) BODY: Asks you to click below
SPAM: Hit! (1.3 points) BODY: I wonder how many emails they sent in error…

Looks like it’s working. 🙂