I’m now a Dreamhost Subscriber

I’ve begun the process of transferring the 2 domians I’m runing to a brand new dreamhost account.

More features for less money. I can’t go wrong! 🙂

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12 thoughts on “I’m now a Dreamhost Subscriber”

  1. Hmmmmm, I’ve been considering it as I need to be able to set up some subdomains for JGRP.Net but I’ve got a really good relationship with my existing host – a very friendly relationship with the CEO, help him out on tech support issues, etc. – and I don’t want to rock the boat…hmmmmmm. Let me know how it goes.

    waits for Gossip to whisper “Dooooooo itttttttttt!” in his ear.

  2. If you have a good relationship with your current provider, I don’t see why you should change. As long as you’re happy witht he service, and it does everything you need it to, that is. 🙂

    DH has some services that niether of my other hosts provides. I also have the advantage of being able to consolidate my service providers – making my life simpler, and reducing my overal hosting costs. (What finally sold me was the multiple domains/account.)

    So far the setup/transfer has been pretty painless. I’m not looking forward to dealing with network solutions. I really should move hooloovoo.net over under my register.com account…(more consolidation) but I’m holding off on that untill I have to renew the domain.

    (What follows is basically just a list of what I’ve done/still need to do – so I don’t forget.)

    I’ve made the DNS changes for belknap-family.net with register.com and notified my current host that I’m cancelling my account. I’m paid through the 30th, so they’ll pull me out of thier DNS then. (And the DNS change with register.com should kick in on the 28 or 29th.)

    I’m waiting to call the host of hooloovoo.net untill I can download my email (even if it’s mostly all spam.) I’ll do that tonight and call them in the morning. I also need to notify network solutions about the DNS change.

    I’ve already uploaded the pages for my sites to DH’s servers, so once all the DNS changes go into effect, the sites will be up and running. (Except for my vbulletin installation – but no one is using it, so I doubt it will be missed.)

    In short, still to do:
    DL hooloovoo.net email –Done
    Notify Netsol about DNS server changes for hooloovoo.net –Done
    Call current hooloovoo.net host and cancel account/have them remove dns entries. –I’ve contacted them, but haven’t gotten a response – grr

    Reconfigure email client for new belknap-family.net and hooloovoo.net email server setttings. –Done
    Reconfigure ftp/telnet/ssh clients for new belknap-family.net and hooloovoo.net web server setttings –Done

    Play with the DH account admin pages. –Done – well I’m still playing with them.

    Bug Gossip some more about GLUE installer –Done – but I’m gonna bug him some more 😛
    Bug Gossip about spam-assassin installer –Done
    Bug Gossip about various other aspects of DH service. –Will do as I have more questions. 🙂

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  3. I got impatient – so I set up a couple of DH sub domains:

    (styleswitcher doesn’t work – going to wait and see if that is a problem aafter the domain transfers before I worry about it)



    update – the links may or may not work anymore, I’m removing them from my domain setup.

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    update – styleswitcher does work now – I bet it was the domain path fo the cookies…

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  4. SpamAssassin/Procmail install:

    1. Set up users with mailboxes and shell access, i.e. mailboxes which belong to an user. The DH “/m[0-9]{1,8}/” 😉 boxes won’t work with PM/SA!
    2. Let’s say you’ve set up user “Jenny”:
    2a. Log into her DH webmail account (http://webmail.yourdomainname.net) and add a new folder “Spam”.
    2b. Log into her shell, grab the G archive and untar it (a simple “tar xzpf procmail_spamassassin_dreamhost.tgz” should do it).
    3. That’s it. Spam gets filtered out and is shoved into the IMAP folder “Spam” which is accessible by webmail. Mails in there expire after 45 days (default setup), so that gives you enough time to check once per week if it’s okay or not.

    For more info about configuring the mailfilters see both the procmail site and the spamassassin site.

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  5. argh fooking netsol

    I hate them as a registrar – now I remeber why I wanted to switch. but I don’t remember why I haven’t yet.

    hooloovoo.net may end up going down for a while…

    update: duh, I used the wrong authentication method… I fixed that and the dns change request has been completed. 24-48 hours and we should be golden

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  6. BTW Thanks for the info mate! And thanks alos for letting me pester you with silly questions. 🙂

    I think I’ve got pm/sa set up on my two mailboxes now. There’s a question ’bout that waiting for you on Jabber if you haven’t already seen it. 🙂

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  7. Dreamhost friggin rocks.

    I’ve had really good support from them, and usually email notifications are for how they’re expanding my existing domain plan at no cost. Like raising the monthly bandwidth cap to 20GB from 7GB for example. That is really great. And I’m happy they have functioning webmail, because my work filters for the bigger commercial ones, but I get right through (for now) to my own domain webmail account.

    Oh, by the way I modified the wakka code that puts the random email links on this site. On my website the font color matches the background, and there are no seperators to give it away to the casual reader, even though I did give proper credit with a small blurb and link at the bottom. I have 80 email links that randomly pop up at the bottom, poisoning spam databases. It makes me smile just thinking about it.

  8. Hmm I’m thinking an appropriately named css class (p.for-spambots) with a display:none attribute might be a good way to go. I’d like to support the poisoning of spam databases, but my design eye cringes at having all that crap at the bottom of the page (or even “blank” space, as what you get in your implementation.)

  9. Yeah, I just went for a pretty simplistic alteration. A CSS change would be more pleasing for sure. I just don’t have much on my page that I would need CSS for at the moment. I guess that is the reason my apache test folder on the linux box is named “spew2simple”. Heh. Let me know if it works well, I’d be open to trying it out on other things if it does.

  10. I was thinking of a variation on this:

    [Quote] After creating a structurally valid HTML 4.x, XHTML 1.0, or XHTML 1.1 page, add an “ahem” declaration to your global Style Sheet, like so:

    .ahem {
    display: none;

    Naturally, you can call it anything you like. You can call it “invisible.” You can call it “clauderains.” We just kind of dig “ahem.” Then in the of your page, write something like this:

    This site will look much better
    in a browser that supports

    web standards
    but it is accessible to any browser
    or Internet device.

    The message will be hidden from CSS–compliant browsers as long as CSS is turned on. There is no possibility of crashing any browser, because all you’ve done is add a CSS class to an HTML headline. If you find it more appropriate, you can use a or any other HTML element instead of an h1. We’re told that some versions of Netscape 4 on some platforms fail to support the “invisible” attribute when it is applied to a div. [Quote]

    (found at http://www.webstandards.org/act/campaign/buc/tips.html)

    Instead of using the .ahem class to hide the “this site looks better on..” message – use it to hide the display of the generated email addresses… They still appear in the document source code, so they should still be picked up by the spambot crawlers.

  11. BTW Gossip, Ijust entered a bug for the placement of the fakemail gluelet call: Checkitout

    Also, please consider this your daily “Write the GLUE install scripts please” pestering. 🙂

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