So, what happened to the other Theme Monkeys?

I just added a small template update for “House of Blues” to the dev version of g-blog as well as a new “Stormy Night” theme. Once Gossip checks them in, you should be able to choose the new theme in your CP.

“Stormy Night” is basically the same as “House of Blues”, but in grey. Let me know what you think. 🙂

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7 thoughts on “So, what happened to the other Theme Monkeys?”

  1. Hrm… Looks interesting. I’m really used to the generic, though. I’ll keep this for a while and then let you know what I think.

    Thanks Gossip!

  2. Hrm… Found one problem.

    Links look the same as bold.

    Also the shading chosen to indicate highlighted make it hard to tell if you’ve got the G-blog (or user) link at the top of the screen highlight.

    Just my comments on use.


  3. Arrr Yer Right!

    I’ll have to tweak the normal link color a bit. The no rollover effect on the link at the top of the screen is intentional.

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