2 thoughts on “Where’s the base?”

  1. He’s right though. People love to take sides, but when it comes to gaming it is a personal choice, no matter what you like to play on. I don’t have a current console, but it wouldn’t stop me from getting one if I felt motivated to do so. Right now I’m all about the PC, but I won’t flame someone just for having an X-Box or GameCube. I’m just in it for the games, you know?

  2. EXACTLY. It’s all about the software.

    I have a PC and a PS2 currently. I bought the PS2 as much for it’s DVD player capabilities as its ability to play games. My wife and I actually use it as a DVD player more now than a game machine. I have several PS2 (and PS1) games, but I haven’t purchased any new games recently.

    I also have access to a GameCube, (friend’s) but I don’t have one myself or an XBox – mostly because I haven’t seen any games that I want for it that are exclusive to the Platforms.

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