Everything Old is New Again

Yesterday during our lunch-break, a few of my coworkers and I hit the local Toys R Us. (To do some X-Mas shopping – yeah, that’s it…) Anyway, I was poking around over in the videogame area when I came across an interesting kiosk. It had a GBA with a new peripheral installed: the Nintendo e-Reader.

Basically, you buy this reader, and you can use it to scan cards that have “Dot Code” printed along the side. Depending on the complexity of the Dot Code needed, an entire game, (or some text, or a picture or something,) can be encoded on anywhere from 1-5 cards. The technology reminds me of the punch-cards that used to be used to program computers.

I just thought it was interesting. (Even if there is a Pokemon tie-in…)

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