I didn’t break it, I swear.

There’s a nifty little program that I use at work (and I home) called ACDSee.

One of the features that comes in handy is the “print contact sheet”option which I use during the selection process for image galleries. When you get 200 some-odd screencaps and you need to pick 10-20 “good” ones, being able to print out proofs can be a life saver.

Anyway, I started a print job at 16:11 of 120 images (but these are much higher rez than normal) I got it about 15 min ago (17:22) I’m still waiting for the second batch I stared at 16:25, and there’s someone in the print queue after me who just wants to print out a 300k word document.

I didn’t break the printer, I swear. You’ll get your word document – but it may not be tonight.

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7 thoughts on “I didn’t break it, I swear.”

  1. Hool, that’s the nifty program I was trying to tell you about at Richard & Wendy’s. I couldn’t remember the name, though. Anywho, one of these days I’ll get pics to you. Eric has to manipulate them or something first.

  2. I love acdsee. Altho the zipped copy I have isnt opening the serial number txt file so I can reinstall it…grr.

  3. Hmmm. Zhaneel used to have it (might still, but IIRC, it wasn’t working right last time she wanted it), and she swore by it. Might have to look into getting it working again…

  4. That’s right. you didn’t break it. I did.
    begin manaiacal laughter AAAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! end manaiacal laughter

  5. I’m actually going to be purchasing an upgrade to ACDSee soon. Still using 3.x at work, and I want to see some of the new stuff they’ve done.

    I think I’m also going to be purchasing a license for Beyond Compare soon.

    simpsone – it appears that chutta’s site is down, (or at least unaccessable from work for me.) IIRC, that was the last place the eli gallery was being hosted. Let me know if you’d like to move it someplace (like hooloovoo.net). My web host just allocated a bunch more space to everyone’s accounts, so I’ve go the room. 🙂

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