I said this weekend, but then I got bored.

Lexi, you may be interested in this link: http://simpson.hooloovoo.net

(If you want to see what it’s going to look like, check out http://gallery.belknap-family.net Same software, different content. And you’ll be able to upload new images yourself 🙂

Update: After banging my head against some poorly written error codes, I finally got the software installed on the site, and set up a test gallery. I just got off the phone with Eric, who is now in posession of login information for the two of you.

See what happens when a computer geek’s wife gets off work late? Instead of cooking dinner, he plays with server configurations. 🙂

Okay back to dinner cooking for me – seafood and veggies in peanut sauce over noodles. Kinda of a half italian – half thai – half leftovers kind of thing. Wait… that’s 1½ of a dinner – I need 2… Oh, I forgot about the salad. There, that’s better. 🙂

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