Such. A. Geek.

So I took a photo of Justin a couple of months ago where he had rolled over in his yellow ducky blanket in such a way that it looked like he was wearing a hooded cloak. A buddy of mine saw it and said, “I could totally PhotoShop a lightsaber into his hand…” He did, and went a little beyond that. He sent me the picture last week along with the layered file so I could tweak as needed for different print dimensions.

I printed a 4×7 for myself, and an 8×10 for my sister-in-law, who happens to be a Yoda fan. She says this is the best Yoda in her collection.

I contributed the original photo of Justin, and a re-worked his lightsaber’s blade effect. (The original had a core that was darker blue with a white glow.)

Kevin took the photos of Jenny and myself (from our wedding if I’m not mistaken) and created the montage, (or would this be a collage?) The Star Wars logo and artwork were gathered off the web, (and are used without permission… shhhh)

Justin is going to think we are total freaks when he is older. But that’s okay by me. 🙂

Anyway, I now present Padawan Justin:

(click thumbnail to be taken to larger image.)

(And yes, I know I STILL haven’t updated his gallery. I’m about 6 months behind at this point.)

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Episode III

So, I went to see “that movie” yesterday with some people from work. It was better than I was expecting (or rather, feared) based on my experiences with Episodes I and II.

My initial reaction still stands. It was better than I was afraid it was going to be. I’m glad I went to see it, and I’m glad the story is “finished” but there are things about the film that bugged me. A lot of the same things that bugged other people, too. People who write much more eloquently (or more passionately) than I do.

Update: I had planned to write a longer review, so I initially marked this as “Private”. I never got around to writing more.

What is your D&D alignment?

Found this personality test on the WotC website. It’s supposed to be used to get an idea of how your character might react in different situataions, but I took it for myself.

Appearantly I’m Neutal Good.

I’m tempted to take it again to see if I can be more evil.

(link via Defective Yeti via Daddy Types)

why kids and parentling? see the path I took to get to the test…

Good point about Spotlitght.

Simon Willison has a couple of observations related to one of the new features in OSX Tiger (10.4) Go read it, even if you aren’t a Mac user.

The first one sounds like a GREAT idea, I’d definately use them. The second one is an important warning. I guess it’s good that I use IMAP to access my email. I should probably go through and clean out all my inboxes anyway.

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