Jul 31st 2002, 16:58 GMT

Okay, check this out. I found it on User Friendly’s LotD

Here’s an excerpt from the page:

[Quote] The Wooden Mirror project is an art installation, and as such the goals leading to its creation are a bit vague. The piece explores the line between analog and digital. In the essence of the piece is the notion of inflicting digital order on a material that is as analog as it gets — wood. [Quote]

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Jul 11th 2002, 01:07 GMT

Who was it that started linking to items on think geek? ekoostik, or Gossip?

Come on, which one of you did it first? I need to know who to blame for my new obsession.

I WANT one of these, this shirt and this shirt, one of these for days I should “dress up”, and a couple of these, (with that vid-cam attachment I can’t seem to find now.)

And that’s jsut a small sample of all the geeky goodness.