Jul 31st 2002, 16:58 GMT

Okay, check this out. I found it on User Friendly’s LotD

Here’s an excerpt from the page:

[Quote] The Wooden Mirror project is an art installation, and as such the goals leading to its creation are a bit vague. The piece explores the line between analog and digital. In the essence of the piece is the notion of inflicting digital order on a material that is as analog as it gets — wood. [Quote]

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2 thoughts on “Jul 31st 2002, 16:58 GMT”

  1. Ah! I remember this. Quite a piece of art, all the different shades of pine wood (and other types if I recall correctly) being different pixels. Hooked up to a camera it would change if someone walked by. Very neat. I like the idea of combining technology and existing trades to make something new.

    Then again, I liked the “Difference Engine” novel.

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