Aug 1st 2002, 01:30 GMT

Okay, so I like have this GLUE theme, right? And it’s like, totally based on my website and stuff.

Well, see – I’m like trying to do the layout without resorting to tables – cuz I totally did it that way on my site, but – like, I might have to, you know, NOT do it that way, since we need these things to look good in IE and stuff. Unless I can, like, totally find a killer way to make it work, I’ll like, end up putting the left and right columns into a table so we don’t end up with those totaly bogus margin problems in IE. You know, I can be like totaly – “what-ever dude” about it on my own site, but not here and stuff.

So anyway – here’s the first rough GLUE theme based on, but I still have a lot of work to do on it. The screen shot was taken with Mozilla.

Edit: I pulled the screenshots down, since the theme is now part of GLUE 1.0 RC1

(You don’t even want to see how IE mangles it.)

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