Dec 26th 2001, 19:12 GMT

Well, my Mother certainly surprised me this year.

I’ve been toying with the idea of buying a PDA for a while now – I was looking mostly at the Sony Clie. Now I don’t have to. My mother purchased a Handspring Visor Deluxe for both me and my uncle for Christmas. Apparently, my sister, (who usually plays “elf” handing out gifts from under the tree,) botched the presentation a bit by giving me the box too early in the evening. But hey, I didn’t mind. 🙂

Other gifts of note: a few DVD’s, a membership renewal to the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, and a pair of Rudolph boxers complete with battery-powered light-up nose.

Now I need to get to PJG and download those Palm apps. I’ve already subscribed to the PJG AvantGo channel.

That reminds me, I haven’t played Jumpgate in almost a week. I really should go replace my Joystick. I might do it today, if I feel like facing the crowd of post-Christmas return shoppers at the mall.

I still have 5 more days left in my mini vacation. Yea Me! 🙂

I forgot to turn comments on. Also, the link to JG palm on PJG links to slopey’s web tracker – has JGPalm been abandoned or can I find it someplace else? I guess I really should ask about that on the PJG boards, eh?

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Dec 21st 2001, 18:42 GMT

I was just wondering how many blog entries per category are posted on the front page.

My guess is 5. This is the test.


edit1 – yep it’s five. now what happens when I make it “private”?

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edit2 – cool the post that got bumped gets put back. good to know.

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Dec 20th 2001, 23:26 GMT

Someone just handed me a bag of “Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans” – (you know, from Harry Potter)

Basically repackaged Jelly Bellys – with some new flavors added: Sardine, Grass, Black Pepper, Booger, and Horseradish.

I have eaten a Sardine, a Black Pepper, and a Booger (eew.) The first 2 actually tasted like sardine, and pepper respectively. I was expecting the third to have a salty taste or something, but it didn’t really taste like anything.

There appear to be no grass, or horseradish beans in my bag.

The little flavor guide also has a few flavors listed as “coming soon”: Dirt, Mustard, Vomit, and “???”

I’m scared.

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Dec 20th 2001, 18:26 GMT

I saw Fellowship of the Ring last night.

With the exception of completely leaving out one of my favorite characters in the books – which I can understand doing for time purposes, and the projectionist having some trouble at the beginning – which let to the movie being stopped and re-started and the entire audience getting free passes, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I’m still not sure I’m up for a full review, but I may work on one when I have some free time. In the mean time, read this:

I think this film was VERY well done, you should go see it. They changed a few details to get things moving faster – but this was an excellent adaptation of the story. I can hardly wait for “The Two Towers” and “Return of the King”

Dec 19th 2001, 17:19 GMT


I *just* dropped my Sidewinder and snapped the control shaft on it. I now have a joystick with working buttons, but no way to steer. That’ll teach me to try and carry everything up stairs at once instead of making 2 trips.

Bleh, no Jumpgate for me today – unless my friend upstairs isn’t using his JS.

Okay, so now that I’m in the market for a new joystick, what do you recommend? I’m looking for something preferably USB – any suggestions?

Dec 17th 2001, 02:53 GMT

A Pathetic Excuse for a Movie Review.

Since I want to find something “useful” to do here on, I’ve decided to write a movie review.

A friend of mine and I went to go see “Not Another Teen Movie” yesterday. Why? I’m not sure. Probably because we were bored, and I didn’t particularly want to see “Vanilla Sky“.

In short, this movie is pretty awful – with a couple of great moments that almost make up for it. And no, I’m not talking about the brief nudity, you sick, cheeky monkey! 🙂

If you ever saw “Scary Movie“, this is the same idea. But instead of making fun of the Horror genre, we’re making fun of the Teen Movie genre. There are references to everything from “Cruel Intentions” , “Bring It On” , “American Pie” , and “She’s All That“; to “The Breakfast Club“, “Sixteen Candles” , and even “Better Off Dead” . That’s just a small sampling of the movies “Not Another Teen Move” makes reference too.

I’m not going to bore you with a plot outline, since there really isn’t one, but I don’t think you really need it to “enjoy” this movie.

Over all, it’s a pretty mindless flick, but it does point out some of the more absurd “plot” devices used in the typical teen movie in a humorous way, which is what the director was going for. There were some funny moments, some stupid moments, some disgusting moments, and a couple of great cameos.

If you’re a fan of cheesey 80’s “Brat Pack” movies, or even some of the more recent teen films; or if you are just bored one Saturday, and want to see something mindless and relatively funny, give “Not Another Teen Movie” a try.

(Who wishes there were exchange students like Areola when he was in highschool.)

Did you see the movie?
Do you think this review sucks?
Do you think I’m an idiot savant?
Let me know, leave a comment.

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Dec 14th 2001, 19:48 GMT

Hehe, I just noticed that I made Gossip’s friends list, yea me! 🙂

And yes, I know the picture is blurry – I did that on purpose. It looked REALLY lame otherwise. Now it just looks partially lame.

Hmmm – Misc, Personal, Society, or Mindless Ramblings? I leave it up to you to decide. I’d kind of like to see a “Whatever” category myself. Misc will have to do.

Before I go, WHY MUST IE (or any Micro$oft product for that matter) INSIST ON HELPING ME HIGHLITE WORDS?! There’s a reason I was only trying to select the “w” in “wee” — I wanted to change it to an s… jeez.

Watch out! Jumpgate Rant:

I really wish people would spend less time bitching about patch 1.0037 and just play the friggin game.

Yeah, there are balance issues that need to be addressed – in the last couple of days, we’ve seen a major outbreak in Wynar’s Syndrome.

I guess I should stop reading Gossip’s Planet Jumpgate and 3DO’s JG-BBS for a while, but I’m looking for some RP news stuff. Some reason I should bother logging some flight hours this week.

I also wish 3DO had kept a couple more of the GMs – Yes, I think GM_Mother is doing a kick ass job under the circumstances, but there is only so much on person can do. Just imagine what his inbox must look like. Scary.

Over Worked and Underpaid / Under appreciated. I know what that’s like. It sucks.

Why did I post this here instead of on JG-BBS or PJG? Because I didn’t feel like it.


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Testing something…

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Dec 13th 2001, 18:55 GMT

Oooh – Mindless Ramblings. I’m good at those.

Gossip, what’s to stop people from posting whatever kind of garbage they want, and having it available on the front page?

What if I decided to link to Gossip’s BIg Big site of goat pr0n would that work?

Ah – wait, that would be: Gossip’s BIg Big site of goat pr0n wouldn’t it?

One would hope that people will be civilized…

[edit]Okay, so I didn’t read the explanations first – your quarantine solution is pretty cool. Will we have a way to report abuse? If this site really takes off, you’ll be hard pressed to keep up with the quarantines.[edit]

BTW, I love your browser requirements line down at the bottom.

Is this enough mindless rambling yet? Good I should get back to exploring the site a bit.

One thing I noticed, the [Read More] link stumped me for a sec, I didn’t immediately realize that meant there was more to the blog – I thought it meant someting more along the lines of “more by the same author”

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