Happy Monday…

I just accidentially hit my boss in the face with a nerf ball… suddenly the jovial mood of the moring has been sucked from the room.

He say’s its cool – but I feel awful, and have apologized profusely.

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8 thoughts on “Happy Monday…”

  1. This is off topic,
    Hoo, I’m having a Red Dwarf marathon on Saturday evening. Send me an email if you’re interested and I’ll send you details

    Anyone else interested is invited to do the same. It will be in Berkeley,CA, but you’re welcome to fly in from Germany or England (you must bring Season 9 tapes)


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  2. Yes,well, just didn’t want anyone to feel uninvited 🙂
    Perhaps I can set up a web cam and face it at the TV, or better, some kind of wireless cam and attach it to me, that way you could get the experience of being there. 😉

  3. [Quote] (you must bring Season 9 tapes) [Quote]

    Unfortunatly, as far as I know, they don’t exist. but look on the bright side, Region 1 DVDs for season I and II are now available for pre order: [Link] w00t!

    Not sure about Saturday evening, but I’ll let you know.

    Man, talk about a thread hi-jack! 🙂

  4. Ugh, I should probably email you, but I’m @work, and having trouble connecting to my webmail client.

    I’m not going to be able to make it tomorrow night, but thank you for the invite. Maybe in a couple of weeks? Or alternately, I can see if I can get our weekly “Red Dwarf Night Watch” to actually watch Red Dwarf. A group of friends usually get together Wednesday nights in San Leandro. Interested?

    You can contact me by taking an @ sign, making up something to put on the left hand side of it, taking my username and sticking that just to the right of it, and adding a dot net to the end.
    (I’d like to see a spam bot scrape that!)

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