Quick question for simpsone and frostedlexicharm

How would you prefer that I refer to the two of you and your son in my blog and comments?

First Names? Pseudonyms? Something else?

I’ve pretty much been using Eric, Lexi, and E. (or Eli) – let me know if something else would be more appropriate. I want to try to keep things consistant – so I’ll go back through my blog entries and make changes if needed.

(BTW: “Hooloovoo” or “Hool” is how most the people here know me. Either of those is fine)


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2 thoughts on “Quick question for simpsone and frostedlexicharm”

  1. Anything is fine for me and Eli, I don’t know if Eric has a preference. I used both Hooloovoo and Blue Canary for you ‘cuz when I send those mass emails that’s how I ref’d you there as well (helps keep people in the loop. I’ve always hated being kept out of the know about things, y’know?)

    Uhm…uhm…refer to us as whatever you want. Honestly, does it matter? I can see for some folks where it might, but we’re pretty ‘huddled masses’ right now and don’t give a rip. 🙂 Love ya lots!

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