4 thoughts on “Use a firewall, go to jail”

  1. No, they generally don’t. There’s a congressman from Virginia who does, and Silicon Valley’s reps usually do.

    California’s constitutional right to privacy would probably prevent idiocy like that Hooloovoo linked to, provided the case was tried before a tech-savvy judge.

    Germany, the land of the free?

  2. Yes. I think it’s okay there’s an index for games. It doesn’t ban games – it just restricts the sales to customers age 18 and up. Which is okay w/ me.

    At least we have independent media coverage and no [str]Gestapo[/url] Operation TIPS. Hence – “free”. 😉

    Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not against the US as such, I’m against things like Hool’s topic here (which is a great example for paranoia/politics taking advantage of the current feelings of the people — anyone remember the idiotic “software piracy supports terrorism” speech?) or the overall media manipulation/propaganda on a scale as big as seen now. Really. That’s the way dictatorships start out, and I’m afraid of that.

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