We recently used an outside agency to produce on of the websites I’m now responsible for maintaining. They built the site using Flash 5. I need to update one of the flash components on the site, but I only have Flash 4. (Software upgrades have not been the biggest priority for the company lately….)

I just got approval from my boss to figure out how much upgrades for Flash as well as several software packages we use on a daily basis would cost. (HomeSite, Photoshop, etc.) We’re definately getting approval for Flash, and Homesite, and chances are good we’ll get Photoshop and a couple of other things, too.

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3 thoughts on “Sweet…”

  1. MX is good, although I still dont have the foggyest how to use it…

    But deffinitly update to PS7, … Uuuummm… *Hugs it*

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