typing weirdness

I’m becomming more and more convinced that my typing skills (such that they are) are deteriorating rapidy.

I commonly make juxtaposition errors, like “teh”, taht”, “fro” and so forth, as well as mis-CApitalizing the second letter of a word many times (most commonly an “A” or an “E”)

Today I noticed a new one: Over the last few days when typing the phrase “to the” I’ve gone back to re-read a line (or run spell check) and noticed (or had the spell checker notice) that I actually typed “the the”.

Just now I was about to send an email to one of the VPs of my company when I saw that I had typed not “to the”, (or even “the the”,) but “to to”

maybe I should go sign up for a typing course or somethign.

(There’s another one of those juxtaposition errors…)

Edit: Some typos were intentional – others were not, and have been removed.

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5 thoughts on “typing weirdness”

  1. No, no, no, no. Your typing skillz are not deteriorating, rather, they are evolving. Your constant work on the web is developing within you an inate (or inane, take your pick) 1337-ness. Don’t hold back or try to unlearn these wonderous new talents you are accumulating. Give in to teh d4rk sid3 & join |/|3. Together we will rule teh w3b as father and son.

    Whoa. Got a little carried away there. Sorry.

    Edited on Apr 19th 2003, 05:35 by simpsone

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