Confessions of a Sentient Conflux

Hello, My name is Hooloovoo – and I was a sentient conflux.

(Hi Hooloovoo)

Back when the sentients first started to appear in Jumpgate you may have seen a C3 investigating a TRI Sensor Beacon out near Hyperial, or paying homage to “Emma – Destroyer of the Unwary”. That sentient was me. I was never a very good PvP pilot, but I did participate in a few of the early sentient-vs-player battles, (mostly as laser-cannon fodder.)

I was also Padan – whom you may or may not remember from the Pirates of GBS fiasco, which took place when Mother was the sole GM left by 3DO to run the game. (Again, I participated mostly in a laser-cannon fodder capacity.) I tried to help Mother out where I could, but Jumpgate was not my primary job responsibility.

I first came to Jumpgate when the company I worked for secured the publishing rights for the game. I was granted a beta account primarily because I was to help desin and implement the product’s marketing, and online billing/support sites. (Which would be loosely tied into JOSSH.) I stayed in the game post beta, because I had found something that I really enjoyed. Not just in the game, but also in the community. (I’m very glad that something of that sense of community lives on here, at, even if I don’t log into my Jumpgate account very often anymore.)

For the last 4 1/2 years, I’ve been involved in the design, creation, publishing, and continued maintenance of The 3DO Company’s online presence. I’ve worked as part of a talented web team, and more recently as “a web team of one.” All that came to an end about 3 hours ago. I am now officialy a “Web designer seeking a position in the San Fancisco Bay Area as part of a creative and energetic web site development team.”

Losing your job sucks, especially when this is the reason.

got hosed, tommy. He got hosed.

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7 thoughts on “Confessions of a Sentient Conflux”

  1. Wow. I would never have guessed. Wow.

    Thanks for bringing back some memories of JG and for admitting to the whole GBS fiasco (bad storyline, bad!). I’m sorry 3DO went under, but (unfortunetly) lost a lot of respect for them due to the lack of store prescence for JG in America. I hope you find a new job soon. I’ve had good luck.


  2. (Hi, I’m Istvan, and I suck at PvP.)

    Very sorry to hear you’re unemployed Hooloovoo. Hang in there, and good luck in the job search!

    Somehow, I find JG is my primary job responsibility, and even though Jumpgate is doing a good job of fading away, there is still some hope.

    For all the older players, the US server is planning a “re-evaluation opportunity” sometime in the next couple weeks, in which accounts will be re-activated for I think ten days (details not solid yet). Might be a chance to poke noses in and look at what has been done since you last flew in TRI space.

  3. Ouch. Good luck in the job market – at least you can keep it on your CV, and there was no chance the company failing was because of you.

  4. Keep us updated Istvan. If there’s a chance of SMP or OSR-MF reunion, I might drop by.


  5. Good luck, Hool….

    Istvan – Oh yeah! Please keep me updated. I wouldn’t mind flying around a bit again… especially since I may be getting some kind of broadband in the near future, so I wouldn’t suffer from the lag quite as much!

  6. Hool, I thought about you and your job when I read the news about 3DO on Blue’s the other day. Sorry to hear that, and I really wish you all the best with your job search.

    Istvan: re re-evaluation — keep me posted, please. I might poke my head in, even if it’s just for old times sake. 🙂

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