I wasn’t going to do it.

Really, I wasn’t. I had resigned myself to the fact that as much as I wanted to play it, I was not going to sign up for a SWG account right away. Many of my reasons are related to my current (un)employment status:

1) I don’t have the money to purchase the game
2) I don’t have the money to purchase a monthly subscription
3) I don’t have the money to purchase the hardware upgrades I’m likely going to need in order to play.
4) My 56k connection is probably going to suck
5) I didn’t really like EQ, I’m afraid SWG might hold the same lack of appeal
6) It’s going to suck for the first few months anyway (as most MMOG’s tend to do)

Well, Chutta pre-ordered a copy of the game from Amazon. He got impatient with them yesterday and managed to grab one of the last copies at a software store near work. Today, his Amazon shipment arrived. He called to tell me there was a package sitting on his doorstep which I should retrieve, open, and use the contents of for a month or so.

The game’s installed – I’m patching now. (Estimated time remaining 2:45:10!!) The west coast servers aren’t up yet, and I’m still not certain the game is even going to run on my PC. But I have a month to check it out before I need to deactivate my account.

So much for waiting a few months before getting this game.

(Gossip, I think we’ll need a Games / MMOGs / SWG category now, too.)

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Job Update…

It looks like I will be spending 25-30 hours a week getting paid to do something I like doing anyway. The exact numbers haven’t been hammered out yet, contract negotiations are next week.

I also got to go to the SF Zoo and play with my camera, and have dinner with my mom. I’d say today was a pretty good day.


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