Semi-Regular "I’m still here" Post.

Yep, I’m still here. Haven’t gone anywhere.

Things of note:
I think that job I alluded to in a previus entry has fallen through – havent’ heard anything from the company, and my contact isn’t returning my calls

As far as my old employer goes, I am no longer “Furloughed” – we have all been officially “let go”. (Still haven’t seen a final paycheck yet, probably won’t until September. And that’s being optomistic.)

We’ve also been informed that all of our medical benefits (including COBRA) will most likely be discontinued at the end of August. Bleh.

I’ve kinda sorta taken up photography. I’ve got about 6 rolls of film that I need to get developed – I hope a few of the pictures come out.

I’m enjoying SWG a great deal. Too bad I’ll have to cancel my account at the end of the month. 🙁

The content of will probably be replaced soon with a semi-professional portfolio site as I step up my job search efforts once again.

(The change mentioned above will not affect – or any other subdomain for that matter.)