Tea Garden Photos

I finally got around to uploading a few photos, these were taken with my digital camera, I only photoshopped one image, can you guess which one? 🙂

I’ll be adding more images to that album, and creating a sister album for the botanical gardens once I get all my recently (and not so recently) exposed film.

I don’t think I’m done futzing around with the Buddha statue yet, but you should be able to get a general idea of what I’m going for.

I guess I should post the link before I forget

One more link, and then I’m really gone…

Here’s one for all you Stargate: SG1 fans…

SGC Dailing Program

I came across it when I was trying to find a screensaver that looked like the computer screens in the SGC when the gate is idle. The link above is the closest I found, and you can prevent random incoming wormholes by hitting the PGDWN key while the gate is inactive, effectively making it a screensaver (which you have to launch manually)

Kind of neat, even if the download is a pain in the a**

What exactly is a "Tape Monkey" anyway?

The official title for my position is: “Data Restoration Processor”

Basically, my job is to restore data from DLT Backup tapes, and get it ready to be processed. (How’s that for a redundant description?)

Being one of the new hires, I get the Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon from 05:00 to 16:00 shift. Which is going to wreack havoc on my circadian rhythm, not to mention the fact that I won’t be able to spend as much time with Jenny.

This situation should only last for a month or so, at which point I can (hopefully) get put on a different shift.

I went to work Tuesday to get set up with building and network access, and to start learning the processes I’ll be using. I’ve also been trying to adjust to a new sleeping schedule. We’ll see how that goes for real tomorrow morning when my alarm goes off at 4:00am.


(Looks like it’s about time to get dinner ready for Jenny, and then off to bed.)

can’t remember the last time he had a 20:00 bedtime


Jenny and I went and played in San Francisco today. First we went down to fisherman’s wharf and pier 39 to check out the sea lions and do a bit of shopping. I’ll probably add a couple of shots we took there with the digital camera tomorrow after I have a chance to resize them.

Around 2:00, we met up with a couple of friends of ours to take pictures at the botanical garden and the japanese tea garden in golden gate park. I burned through another 4 rolls of film this afternoon, and eventually switched to my digital camera. I’ve got a photoshop project in mind for one of the digital images I took at the tea garden. It shouldn’t take me too long to bang that out tomorrow – assuming I can get my pc to recognize my tablet again. (I think it’s about time for another OS-wipe-and-install)

Not sure when I’m going to get the film developed, I think I’m up to 12 rolls now.

wonders how many rolls of film he would have to shoot before it’s acutally cheaper to set up his own darkroom.

Anyway – I’ll see about posting a couple of the digital images tomorrow after I’ve futzed around with them a bit.

Follow-up interview

the follow-up went really well. I was basically told that the position was mine, they just needed to figure out which shift to put me on.

It’s basically an entry level tech job, and there are 2 teams a day shift and a swing shift. The swing shift more closely matches my current circadian rhythm, but the day shift would allow me to spend more time with my wife. I’m pushing for the day shift, and more importantly the guy who would be my supervisor on the day shift is as well.

Hopefully, I’ll hear back from them the HR people Monday.

Michael King Belknap – 1950–2003

Michael King Belknap died in Fairbanks on July 14, 2003, at the young age of 53. Known to friends and co-workers as “Mikey,” he drove a taxicab and touched the lives of Fairbanks residents since 1996.

Mike was born April 25, 1950, in Yonkers, N.Y. He grew up in New York, New Hampshire, Michigan, Colorado and California. Mike was a gourmet cook and the best oyster shucker in the state of Alaska. He was a voracious reader, thinker and practical joker. He moved to Alaska in 1996 to help out at his sister’s oyster farm in Prince William Sound, visited Fairbanks on the way, and never left.

As a cab driver, Mike enjoyed meeting people and helping them move about safely during the long hours of the night. He was known to befriend and counsel customers in times of need and assist people in distress. An important part of his life was to look out for and encourage young people in their efforts to lead clean, sober and responsible lives. He told his father recently, “Dad, I have found my calling. I never want to retire.”

He was preceded in death by mother, Helen Belknap, in 2000.

Mike is survived by daughter, Polly Belknap, of Chicago; son, Robert Belknap, of San Leandro, Calif.; father, Dan Belknap, of Redding, Calif.; brothers Bill Belknap of Terre Haute, Ind., John Belknap of Redding, Calif., and Andy Belknap of Sterling, Colo.; sisters Elizabeth Belknap of Fairbanks, Susie Sczawinski of Prince William Sound; and a group of dear friends throughout the Fairbanks community.

A memorial gathering will be held at the Dog Musher’s Hall on Farmers Loop on Saturday, Oct. 4, from 4 to 8 p.m. Please bring a potluck dish or beverage to share with Mike’s friends and family. His large family will also gather in California in spring 2004 on the 54th anniversary of Mike’s birth.

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