I’m loathe to say it, but…

The latest version of outlook web access is probably one f the best webmail clients I’ve ever used.

It works really well in Firefox, even if most of the bells and whistles only work in IE.

This is, of course, my first impression of it after only having used it for about an hour. We’ll see what I think of it in a few days.

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8 thoughts on “I’m loathe to say it, but…”

  1. Its true – it rocks. And if your interested in Web delivered applications check out ASP.Net and specifically the Infragistics NetAdvantage 2004 controls – deliver your entire application in a browser with all the Win32 interface and bells and whistles – and its hell of a fast.

    (I hope you don’t mind. I fixed your URL for you. -Hool)

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  2. I used the old web client a couple of years ago and it wasn’t bad on IE, though it was in Opera. It’s not a bad solution if you have to deal with getting your email off an MS Virus Exchange Server.

  3. Its definately better than the old OWA client, I haven’t ried this in opera yet, I imagine it’s behaviour similar to firefox’s tho.

  4. Thx Hool πŸ˜‰

    Have’nt tried it in Opera – we’ve been using Squirrelmail to get the mail off our Exchange boxes as the older version of OWA didnt cope well with subdomaining – you pretty much had to run the site off the actual server itself. Need to try the new one and see if thats still the case.

  5. Heheh. I’m currently developing a large ASP.Net app using the Infragistics controls. Great little set of components. I’ll reserve judgement on OWA for the moment…

  6. I’m currently only using the tab, grid and tree controls. Pretty impressed so far, especially as our app does a solid job of separating out the data, objects and user interface into abstracted layers. Everything gets passed around as a Collection so I was pretty pleased when I found you could bind Collections to grids, etc. Very cool. The only snag I ran into was using row templates on the grid control. The template is stored as XML in the ASP.Net page and the WebGrid renders the appropriate client-side controls and event handlers at runtime. The problem then is if you need to bind data dynamically to the controls at run-time. However you can override the .Net framework ITemplate interface and write your own custom control handlers.

    Man, I love .Net. So flexible and it’s shaved days off my development time compared to doing things with ASP and COM.

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