Today I am 27

I’ve had a pretty good, yet mellow birthday.

Justin was cooperative enough to let Jenny and I sleep in a bit. Then his grandparents (Jenny’s mom and dad) came down to play with him while Jenny and I went to see a movie.

We were going to see “Finding Neverland”, but I got the showtimes mixed up and by the time we got to the theatre, we’d missed the first 20 minutes. So we decided to see “The Incedibles” instead. That also gave us enough time to space around the Bay Street shopping center a bit. We were in the Apple Store and I came very close to spending the money my grandfather sent me on an iPod Mini. My current plan is to put it towards the purchase of a new computer, but damn, the iPod is a sexy MP3 player.

The movie was really good, I enjoyed it a lot. Not going to go into much here, but the story is really well written in addition to some great animation. I think it’s my favorite Pixar film yet.

After the movie, Jenny and I went home and then out to dinner with my parents. I don’t remember if I’ve said this before, but Vo’s Restaraunt in San Leandro is terrrific. I’ve yet to have something there that wasn’t excellent.

Now we are home. Jenny has gone to bed, (she started getting a migraine while we were at dinner,) so I think Justin and I are gong to watch LXG which came in the mail via Netflix yesterday.

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6 thoughts on “Today I am 27”

  1. Thanks.

    Oh, and incase anybody cares, Incredibles is much more entertaining than LXG. (At least, in my opinion.)

  2. dood, we tried to call you (and wife) both on Sat and Sun to happy happy at you, no one picked up. you must have been having a good time (at least i hope you were)

  3. Sat. we were both working, and my cell was with me but dead. Sun. we were out at the movies and my cell was home and off but charging.

    If you tried to call the home number and there was no answer, we were either out or online. (mmmm dialup…. :/)

    BTW – I beleive Jenny sent an optical care package to your hubby via her parents. You guys probably need to pick it up at thier place if you haven’t already.

    I’ve lost track – are you still in LA with Eli?

  4. nope, got home late sat. when eric called jenny to get the care pkg from you guys directly, that’s when we couldn’t find you. 🙂

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