Jul 10th 2002, 20:27 GMT

In my aimless meanderings across the net, I came across an interesting atricle about online music downloads written by the singer/songwriter Janis Ian.

She has an interesting point of view, and I thought I should share the link with everyone: THE INTERNET DEBACLE – AN ALTERNATIVE VIEW

(I’ve never heard her music, but I’m going to DL some of her MP3’s when I’m done posting this.)

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5 thoughts on “Jul 10th 2002, 20:27 GMT”

  1. Well written article. I feel a bit better informed now – I don’t really download copyright protected music (once I think – a song I hadn’t heard in ages and couldn’t find). But the draconian lengths the record company executives are going to, trying to convince people that anyone who downloads, or allows someone else to download, free music is a horned demon preying on the efforts of the poor artists – that’s a joke.

    Pot. Kettle. Black.

  2. [Quote] Free exposure is practically a thing of the past for entertainers. Getting your record played at radio costs more money than most of us dream of ever earning. Free downloading gives a chance to every do-it-yourselfer out there. Every act that can’t get signed to a major, for whatever reason, can reach literally millions of new listeners, enticing them to buy the CD and come to the concerts. Where else can a new act, or one that doesn’t have a label deal, get that kind of exposure? [Quote]

    That’s the point, right? It pisses the “industry” and the labels off because they don’t have control over these artists like they do others. I’m sorry, but no money-grubbing corpo-scum assmunch would “own” MY voice…. nu uh… nooooo way…..

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