Aug 2nd 2002, 17:44 GMT

Well, crap.

A project launch that was scheudled for next week just got pushed back a month, right into the middle of my honeymoon.

All of the design work should be done next week. (In fact it basically is done, I’m just waiting on final content to plug into the pages.) I’m just not going to be here to push the new pages to the live server when they want.

It shouldn’t be too much of a problem. The project manager understands the situation – we just have to figure out who’s going to be able to handle the roll-out while I’m gone.

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3 thoughts on “Aug 2nd 2002, 17:44 GMT”

  1. Answer: someone else.

    Maybe it’s different over here in the UK and I admit that I have a really cool boss that understands my whims and, indeed, the stresses of parenthood. But some things come WAY before work, and your honeymoon is one of them. Get someone else to do it and don’t worry about it yourself, dude!

  2. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I have NO intention of being available to do this during my honeymoon.

    “Someone Else” is the correct answer. We just have to figure out which “Someone Else” it’s going to be.

    Tell me again, why don’t we need another full time web developer?


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  3. [Quote] Tell me again, why don’t we need another full time web developer? [Quote]


    Ain’t it the truth…

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