Lexi, Simpsone check your email.

Chutta has updated the Raftng trip Evite. We’re postponing it ’till the middle of June. More info can be found in your inboxes.

End of line.

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2 thoughts on “Lexi, Simpsone check your email.”

  1. First, Mr. high and mighty MCP, I at least already got the email. Second, “end of line.” I can hardly begin to comment on that. At least, hopefully you get my humorous reference, and uh, yeah. Anyhow, it’ll still be too expensive, and stuff. And now I’ve got Tron running around in my head and I’m wondering when that new game they’re making is supposed to come out.

  2. Ignore the rudeness above. Sorry bout that. We do check our email lots though, as we have no life to speak of. We prolly can’t go on the trip, a) no sitter for Eli b) no $ Maybe next time, or maybe we can get together and do something fun, the few of us (Chutta, you, Eric, Big Brother, me, your sweet wife, Eli…) Love ya!

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