Hooray for the Internet Archive

Looking for the street address for a company that doesn’t exist anymore? (One you worked at as a contractor for six months almost 7 years ago?)

Try using the WayBack Machine: http://www.archive.org to search for the company’s contact info on an archived version of their site.

Too bad I wasn’t able to recover an old version of my resume I had posted online the same way.

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3 thoughts on “Hooray for the Internet Archive”

  1. @1: Software Buyline. But I also ended up looking for Universal Online, and 3DO. (I needed to figure out what the phone number was at 3DO when I first started, as it had changed when we moved to the newer location.)

    I also discovered that the last version of the site (and the messageboards) which I thought had been taken down are still available by ip address.

    @2: PJG, I still miss that place sometimes. Not that I log into Jumpgate that often anymore…

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