There’s a baby in there!

Jenny’s been feeling Duckling moving around a lot more lately. (I’ve even been able to feel him move a couple of times – if I’m patient enough)

This morning I was sitting across the room from my wife, when Duckling kicked a few times. Not only could Jenny feel it, but today was the first time we could actually see it, too! It was neat to watch, and especially reassuring considering how we spent Saturday night.

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One thought on “There’s a baby in there!”

  1. I give up. I’ve been feeling ours move for about 2 months now, and have been able to externally feel kicks for about a month. I’ve TRIED REPEATEDLY to get Eric’s hand in the right place at the right time, but either he’s touch-sensitive-inept, or the baby just gives up when Daddy’s hand is nearby. I guess Eric’s not going to get to feel this one. Heh.

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