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I had an infant and child CPR class today. 4hrs – non certification. I think it went rather well, once I figured out when and where the class was being held. (Heck I even got there *almost* on time. All I missed was the instructor introducing herself.)

I only had about 4hrs of sleep last night, (this morning if you want to pick nits,) and an 1.5 hr nap between getting home from the class and leaving for work. I’m really starting to feel it now. Caffinated beverages (and a quiet lab full of machines behaving themselves) are my friends.

Tomorrow has been decreed a day of cleansing. The house will be ready for a baby to be brought home. So it was written, so it shall come to be.

And lest I forget, the Wierd Al concert is tomorrow evening, yay! All work and no play (and no sleep) makes Hool a grumpy father-to-be.

Ok, enough rambling.

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